Who is...

...Tim Vreeland?

Tim is a business strategist & process coach. He's passionate, impact-driven & on a mission to help established businesses scale their team and efficiency by distilling down their operations to the simplest form, making it simple to explain and easy to train. He helped turn around a struggling family business to only find himself in complete burnout just 6 years later. The success he worked for quickly dwindled away because his priorities were out of sorts. He now understands the importance of having balance & loves helping others by vulnerably sharing his stories & experiences in hopes that it meets them where they are at!  


Business n Process is a daily dose, kick in the pants, resourceful podcast to keep you focused, on point, & crushing the overwhelm in your business. Listen in as Tim shares his experiences on business, systems & processes, and how to be present with your family.


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 "The Trap That A Lot of Business Owners Fall Into"

 "Stop Getting in the Way Of Yourself [And Get Some Help]"


Tim's Growth = Greater Impact

When Tim invests in himself he invests in his clients. A powerful coach and mentor Rich Litvin once said "You can only coach someone as deep as you've already gone." Tim understands the importance of bringing only the best to his clients and he does that by connecting with the best. Tim has invested over 5 figures into masterminds, coaching, and attending the most transformative events in the industry. 

Tim is connected with multi-millionaires that have found success without losing their soul. When you connect with Tim you connect with some of the most hard-to-reach entrepreneurs in the game. It’s not about Tim...it’s about the connections that he has vulnerably created and the transformation that has resulted from them.

What can Tim do for you?

Have you heard of this concept called "the lamppost effect"? It speaks to the value of coaching. It points out that "if you tell your hopes, dreams, and problems to a lamppost each week, the simple act of unburdening yourself and leaving your mind free and clear will lead to more inspired ideas and a better life."

Let's take the concept of talking to an inanimate object & the immense value and clarity it can bring as you slow down and commit to better understanding yourself and where you truly want to take your business and pair it with an impact-driven entrepreneur committed to your success and the ROI becomes pure gold!!

And if you could have this experience AND make a decision that would start to shift your future on one call at no charge WHY NOT DO IT?? 

Systems & Processes...

...are the bread and butter of every business! Without them how can you operate?!

So It's not a matter of having systems & processES...

...it's a matter of having teachable systems & processes that will allow you to run your business with confidence & clarity so that you can show up your best for your family!

The Full story

Tim's STORY - Early Childhood: Road trips, Music, & Church

I grew up in a family of four with an older sister by four years and I had great childhood memories. We always traveled on road trips, so many sites to see, ghost towns, Smurf Village, one-off entertainments, & so much more that you would not otherwise see if you weren't on the road. We traveled a lot for Baptist conventions. You see my dad was a senior pastor of a small Baptist church that had a median age of about 60. It had an organ, no modern instruments such as guitar drums and I went to church in a suit and tie. As the church slightly shifted and adjusted to the younger generation we started to bring guitars on stage and even drums, which was a total shift in the church. I vividly remember the red hymnals that we would sing out of acapella or maybe with some background organ music. I have amazing childhood memories of going to the church preschool making paper mache crafts and all sorts of fun memories of my birthday parties being on the church grounds. I was a pastor's kid at my coreEverything I did revolved around the church. My dad was busy running the church, just like a business. And, as I look back on that, my dad really was an entrepreneur at heart. Running a business and running a church are very much the same thing. I would almost argue that running a church is harder because of the “holy politics”. When I was seven, my parents got me my first guitar, a red and white Gibson. I had no idea how to play it, but I was committed to learning something new. I think one of the first songs that I learned was “Wipe Out” because it was the cool slick chords for rock and roll music. And the first Christian song I learned was “Father I Adore You”. I remember when I was eight or nine playing in front of the church, as I learned that song. I can look back on videos that were taken and boy did I do a terrible job. But I know people adored and loved watching the pastor's son play his talents on stage, as he learned a new skill.

TIM'S STORY (cont.) - Rock star: going on tour, Living the dream

I quickly changed to drums, as I was able to beat out more of my energy and really get into the music from a young age, probably about 10. I started a Christian hard rock band and I would continue that journey for the next 15 years. The band members would shift and change and our music would get better and better with time & practice. Bless our neighbors' hearts as they refused to call the cops on us. They would just ask us sometimes to just take a break when they couldn't handle any more of the “noise”. I vividly remember the shift when I had a conversation with my neighbor when they said that our “noise” turned into “music”. That's when I knew that we were on to something with our skills. My band got signed by a small record label & we went on tour twice around the country. It was myself with my two other band members Charlie and Mark.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - Emergency: Blood, trauma, & helping those in need

Now, even though I was a real life rock star, my heart was still set on becoming a firefighter. You see, when I was in high school, I started going to a training program at a fire academy and always from a young age, wanted to be a firefighter so I could help people. I always had a servant's heart. I always had this keen awareness of others in pain and being a firefighter was the perfect way for me to exploit that trait of mine. I became an EMT right out of high school, as I went through a special training program my senior year. And while my band was still doing our rock star stuff, I would commit to becoming a firefighter as I worked as a full-time medic for an ambulance company. The next few years I would respond to 911 calls in the city of Inglewood, which had a pretty high violence rate at the time. So a lot of trauma calls; gunshot wounds, stabbings, and whatnot. I remember when I first started my shift there, Taco Bell was more secure than most banks. They would slide your burrito through a bulletproof tray and I knew being on the receiving end of that bulletproof glass was not a safe place to be. I enjoyed the thrill of the 911 emergency calls and really enjoyed helping those in need and hearing their stories. Especially the homeless and people that were really down and out. It was a very humanizing experience, but there would come a shift later on in my medic career where I was ready for a new chapter.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - The Transition: From EMT to entrepreneur

A few years later I was burned out and ready for a change. Even though I was still working as an EMT for a job, it became just that a job and not a career or something that I was aspiring to do long term anymore. Showing up to a job that you are burned out on is the least fulfilling thing. Showing up to your calling and your mission is what really can get you going. I tried many other business ventures, sold air purifiers, sold kitchen knives, considered running my own tow truck business, and even bake cakes with alcohol in it...you name it & I tried it! I enjoyed the thrill of seeing what would eventually “click” for me. Now I knew nothing about business or what it really meant to run a business but that wasn't my thought. At the time I wasn't really trying to build a business. I was just trying to make money on my own and not have to work for someone else. In 2007 I met my fiancé at a convention in Northern California for those kitchen knives that I was selling. We hit it off!
Shortly after meeting her I moved out to her hometown city of Camarillo where I would find myself grounding my roots, making new friends and connecting with a new church. The long distance drive only worked for so long, so shortly after moving out of the area, I would lose my job, become unemployed, and try to find life's purpose again.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - Connections: Broken heart, Church ministry, Homeless, Finding Love again

Besides hanging out with my fiancé and just enjoying life, I connected with guys at the local church, Calvary Chapel, and my skills as a drummer came in use as they needed someone to be a part of the worship team. My schedule was wide open as I was unemployed and had no kids and not much responsibility. So I was at the church for hours on end day and night serving on multiple worship teams, college, youth groups, you name it. I was there. You could see from my past, I was comfortable in church & I was skilled as a musician. As I found my place at “home” unfortunately my relationship with my fiancé became rocky and fell apart, creating an even bigger void in my life. I would go almost two years, feeling worthless, feeling like I should have never tried for more in life and even questioning my existence. And even though I was a believer in Christ, being ripped apart from someone that I loved at the time was very hard to swallow. Most of my friends would show up around me with open arms there to support me in my time of need. After a series of events that would follow I would find myself sleeping in my truck. My friends did what they could to help me with their limited resources, but their sacrifice and love showed through, and it was never a matter of the resources that they gave me. It was a matter of the love that they showed me with what they had. I found my true friends in those moments and those that didn't know how to respond or didn't want to get involved in the “drama” were the ones that were not there to help me when I needed it most.
When I was trying to figure life out, I found myself living in my friend's one bedroom apartment with him and his newly married wife. They were such a blessing to me at the time and I really appreciated it. Everything I had done for them in the past up to that point, is partly why they were all in when they had an opportunity to help me & return the favor.
And as I couch surfed in their living room, I would try to give them the space that they needed so in the evenings I would hang out by the pool & jacuzzi so they could have time alone.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - commitment: A marriage Built on love

It was in that very jacuzzi that I found my wife, now of 10 years & we have two beautiful children. The adventures and stories that happened in the last 10 years I could put in a book. Well, let me say that it was filled with ups & downs, happiness & pain, & struggling to support loved ones around us, but every step was all worth it. Those trials are what has brought us closer together and solidified the connection that we had all along.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - All About that Business: career shift, exploited skills, & success in business

Shortly after meeting my now wife, I was introduced to her father and he had been running a small family business for about seven years that he started with a few other business partners. They had their years of expansive growth, but did so on the back of faith and trust in others and not systems. After the housing crash, they were really struggling and on the brink of bankruptcy. He offered me a part-time position as a truck driver and I took it. At the time I knew nothing about business, but I was motivated considering that I didn't have a job. I always loved problem solving and I saw an opportunity to help the business. While I was only hired on as part-time I learned that I had a love for business and quickly took on more responsibility. By asking many questions, my father-in-law who had many years in business educated me on the tile industry and how to run a business. He was at a point of total burnout and giving up & I would spend the next several years getting involved in the business working my way up to owner and actually turning around the store completely. We paid off a tremendous amount of debt and made a good amount of profit in the process. The problem is I would find myself doing that at the sake of my relationship with my wife and time with my kids. That trade off is not a sustainable way to build a business.
I'd find myself to only manage that pace for about six years before something changed. The very business that I helped turn around is what was turning around on me and causing me to really lose myself. Through a lot of ups and downs I would eventually learn to focus on what really mattered in life. We eventually sold that business through a blessed opportunity and I found myself again at a new place of trying to figure life out.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - A Rekindled Friendship Leads to a new world

I then connected with a long time friend back from my church in Camarillo that I used to play on the worship team with. He was successful on Amazon and would train me how to sell products which would, a few months later, connect me to the coaching world that I'm a part of today.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - Impact: Your story, our story

It's amazing to see how a story can connect and bring you to the place that you’re at today. Stories are rarely a linear journey, nor should they be because there's just something so boring about a linear process. A linear story free from trials would not be built on what the Bible calls a solid foundation which brings forth humility, resilience, integrity, and character. The house that is built on the solid rock has weathered through trials and tribulations, hardships, lost pain, suffering, confusion, isolation and hopelessness. So take hope in your journey. Take hope in the trials and tribulations that you face. Don't give up, focus on what matters, hold to what you can, hold to what you know, & don’t get distracted by what you don't.

TIM'S STORY (CONT.) - My post script (p.s.)

Coaching is such a blessing because I'm again helping those in need. I’m someone with a strategic mind for how to implement systems and processes & how to help small business owners be intentional to help their customers, their employees, and show up the best for their family. So what I did for my father-in-law I can do for you.
I look forward to connecting with you and yours. God bless.

"Being a good leader doesn't mean jumping when everyone calls. It means focusing on your MOST IMPORTANT priorities with (systems) in place to make sure everything gets done (without you)"


"My business doesn't need systems and I already have my process." 


"My business doesn't need systems and I already have my process." 

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